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Welcome to TheGinGeek.com, a rather fabulous Gin Blog discussing the world’s best Gin!

A Little About The Gin Geek

About the Gin Geek

OMG that was a cold day!

My name is Andrew, I am a single parent of two lovely children, am passionate about writing, long distance running, and most importantly sampling the best Gin’s from around the world. I don’t mean I need to join ‘Alcoholics Obvious’ or anything, well not yet at least.

I have been sampling this marvelous tipple since the 1980s, when bar folk would stare are me as if I had just landed from another planet should I request it. They would mutter something under their breath about the fact I should be drinking a real Man’s drink (think back then it was probably a very manly sounding pint of beer perhaps called ‘Hawk’ or ‘Panther’).


Back in the old Day’s

William Hogarth's Gin Lane

William Hogarth’s Gin Lane (click to enlarge)

As you may recall way back in the 1970s and 1980s, you were not given a choice of Gin, dream on! There was only one….. if you was lucky, and the bottle was most likely covered in dust and located right at the back of the shelf.

So the barman (or bar lady) would eventually dig it out, handle the bottle as if it was some ancient artifact or an unexploded bomb, and finally prepare your drink. They would present you with your chosen ‘alien’ beverage, with some generic Tonic Water, and may sling in a slice of lemon that had certainly seen better days a week last Wednesday. Ice was a luxury I could only dream of.

Of course to further point out to everyone in the entire bar that I was indeed not conforming to the traditional drinking choice, and consuming something I actually enjoyed the taste of, the darned thing would glow in the dark under UV lighting! Well it did in my local bars, maybe they added in some Uranium as a garnish, would not put it past them.

But hey, we are now in 2018, we don’t have flying cars yet, but there are hundreds, no, thousands of quality gins from all over the world. From the largest breweries, to the smallest one person micro brewery, each using interesting and original ingredients. Each Gin has a story to tell and that is what I love about it.

How can the Gin Geek help you?

The Gin Geek will be your guide through the wonderful world of Gin, and if you are very lucky I may add some humor in along the way. So, The Gin Geek will;


Gin cocktail about the gin geek

Yikes, it’s empty!

  • Review for you some of my favorite Gin’s, Tonics, Garnishes, and other mixers, plus have a bit of fun in the process.


  • Receive some recommendations from all of you out there so I can review those! (so don’t be shy, lazy, or both!).


  • Generally chat about Gin, as we gotta talk about something, so may as well be something that we love.



Should you have any Gin related questions, comments, or have a particular Gin or Gin Cocktail you would like me to review in the future, you are most welcome to leave a comment below.





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Andrew Radford


  1. Love the history Andrew. There are so many great Gin makers out there now. Whats your favorite brand?Tanqueray No. Ten? I worked in a bar in London for a few years and the Brits love their Gin. G & T’s (Gin and Tonic) flew off the shelves. I heard that they drank it because it helps repel mosquitos. They needed it in places like India. Thanks for the info and cool history.

    • Hello Dave, great to hear from you!

      Yes Gin is such a popular drink for us Brits, and its also becoming increasingly popular in the United States. The USA distilled Brooklyn Gin is a perfect example that Gin taking hold on the other side of the pond too.

      You are quite right, Gin is steeped in History, and regarding one of the benefits of G&T, Quinine in the Indian Tonic Water was originally used as a treatment for Malaria!!

      My favourite Gins (as I have a few!) are Monkey 47, Tanqueray 10, and Brokmans.

  2. Hello,
    I hope you are well.
    I work alongside the Lakes Distillery which is an award-winning Distillery based in Cumbria and is one of the top attractions in the Lake District.

    The Lakes have recently released the new Rhubarb and Rosehip Gin. This Liqueur provides a delicate fruity yet floral fragrance. This sophisticated pale-pink addition to our Lakes Distillery flavoured liqueurs delivers a well rounded and beautiful taste experience.

    We would love to send you The Lakes Rhubarb and Rosehip Liqueur and pink lady cocktail card too, for a potential online review.

    Please let me know whether this is an opportunity that you would be interested in, as we would love to work with you. if you have any questions about The Distillery and their products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


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