Best Gin Negroni – In 3 Steps

Best Gin Negronis


Legend has it that the Negroni cocktail was the brainchild of Count Camillo Negroni who demanded the Italian bartender mix him a stronger cocktail than the Americano Cocktail. It’s a classic Italian pre dinner drink considered the perfect way to ease into an evening of dining.

The best Gin Negroni must contain equal measures of premium Gin, Sweet Vermouth, and Campari. It is a totally neat beverage, so it’s certainly a bit of a sipper.

Sweet vermouth is a red ‘fortified wine’ containing a variety of herbs and spices. Campari is an Italian liqueur made predominantly from chinotto and cascarilla. It has a very distinctive bitter taste.


  • 25ml of premium Gin
  • 25ml sweet vermouth
  • 25ml Campari
  • Orange slice

Method – Just 3 Steps

  1. Pour the gin, sweet vermouth and Campari into a chilled ‘rocks glass’ pre filled with ice.
  2. Stir well
  3. Finally, add a slice of orange

Tasting Notes

Initially seems strong and bitter, which subsides after the first few sips allowing the musky orange tones to shine through.

Video Tutorial

Check out the YouTube video below to get your technique down to perfection!

Where to Find a Great Negroni

Any decent Italian Bar or Restaurant worth its keep should be able to lavish you with the best Gin Negroni your taste buds have ever experienced. I recently visited Sartoria down Savile Row in London, where I enjoyed one as an aperitif. It was first class.

Sartoria in Savile Row
Sartoria in Savile Row, London

Just to add, Sartoria have not in any way asked or paid me to say these kind words. (Although a free Negroni would be rather nice!)

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