Caorunn Gin Review

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  • Distiller – Balmenach Distillery
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – 41.8%
  • Country – Scotland
Caorunn Gin Review

The Bottle

A distinctive squat clear bottle that emphasis its pure ingredients including natural Scottish Water! I feel the simplicity of the design makes it site proud on any bar shelf.

The Gin

Clean, crisp, slightly sweet, with floral and citrus tones. Quadruple-distilled (why do it once when you can do it four times!), and is made in small batches. Using natural Scottish Water and 11 botanical ingredients.

Known Botanicals

Juniper Berries, Cassia Bark, Lemon Peel, Coriander Seed, Angelica Root, Orange Peel, Rowan Berry, Bog Myrtle, Heather, Coul Blush Apple, Dandelion Leaf.


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Tasting Notes

The blush apple and dandelion stand out initially, then a nice hint of citrus that leaves a clean finish. Can certainly be drunk on its own on the rocks as this gin has a perfect balance of a subtle dryness yet is crisp and fresh with a hint of sweet.

A Bit of Trivia

Pronounced ‘ka-roon’, this is the Gaelic word for Rowanberry, and is distilled by their Gin Master, Simon Buley who personally crafts each and every bottle of Caorunn. Five of their eleven botanicals are locally foraged for this gin.

Best Served

Caorunn Gin is best served with ice, tonic water, & slices of fresh red apple.


Clean and crisp and can be drank neat or with tonic water. Sets the standard making it a great go-to Gin for any occasion.

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Cocktail Time

Apple & Caorunn

This beautiful cocktail is recommend by Caorunn themselves! They say it was created by Jose Antonia Benitez Delgado at Trigueros, Huelva for the Caorunn Cocktail Collection 2018. Here is an overview, full details of other splendid cocktails are available here on Caorunn’s website cocktail section.

Caorunn Gin Review
Check out Caorunn’s website for more fancy cocktails like this!


  • 45ml Caorunn Gin (cinnamon infused)
  • 60ml Pressed apple juice
  • 60ml Freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 20ml Triple sec liqueur
  • 10ml Gooseberry syrup


Put ingredients in blender with ice and blend until smooth, then garnish with orange zest twist and a dehydrated apple slice

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